Sit and view brilliantly crafted performances in a first-class venue.
Sit and view brilliantly crafted performances in a first-class venue.

The Asian Heritage Sunday at TUC

The month of May is designated as Asian Heritage Month. On May 26 Sunday, the Thornhill United Church TUC (25 Elgins St) invited Jane Li, the director of the Niagara Centre For Arts NCFA to perform a Mongolian dance (Horizon) and a Chinese Song (Blooming Flowers and Full Moon).


The dance traced the story of a young lady and young man in Mongolia who cherished their love in the midst of heavenly nature with the blessings of God.




Jane paid tribute to her mother who sang the Chinese song to her when she was a little girl in Shanghai, China. The song depicts the grace of God to enrich the love on earth where the flowers bloom during a brightly moon lit evening.


The Asian Heritage Sunday at TUC concluded with a reception at the fellowship hall. Members of TUC and friends of NCFA prepared many delicious treats for attendees of the event. Some art works of NCFA were also displayed at the reception.


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